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Role of Insurance Fraud Investigators



The levels insurance fraud is increasing at an alarming rate across many countries. Due to this, most insurance companies have hired experts who investigate cases of fraud involving the provision of insurance cover against specific risks. Research shows that fraud cost the insurance industry billions of money every year, hence increasing the need for insurance companies to hire many fraud investigators to assist in preventing the crimes. The main types of Insurance Investigation include health insurance fraud, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, insurance company fraud and workers compensation fraud. In health insurance fraud, the inquiry determines how some people get compensation for health care that is not entitled to or is making health claims for payment when it is not valid. In such cases, the investigators usually collect evidence from the hospitals where the individuals visit to get the billing records.


On the other hand, home insurance fraud occurs when people taking a home cover against certain perils say theft and make a false damage claim. In these cases, it is the role of the insurance fraud investigators to unveil the disaster fraud, comprising of false damage claim of the house. Furthermore, the experts investigate if the applicant elevated their coverage right before the application was filed. Also, the professionals will also authenticate the rationality of property damage claims. The fraud involved in car insurance is not far much different from the home insurance fraud. Just like how people stage home robbery in their houses, in car insurance fraud, the policyholder stage accident where they intentionally collide with another car, then press charges on the other driver of fault so as they can be compensated. In some cases, car owners stage vehicle theft to get paid by the insurance company for the "loss." It is the role of the investigators to determine the proximal cause of the accidents by conductive a comprehensive investigation of the cause of the crash and the existence of any hidden ill motive to play tricks on the insurance company. Look for more facts about insurance at http://firespinning.wikia.com/wiki/Insurance.


Some people will do anything to get money where they have not sowed. In some rare and strange cases, people even fake their deaths. For instance in life insurance fraud, the policyholder in his or her attempt to corn the insurance company, claim too much life insurance or claim it while still alive. The Insurance Fraud Investigator, however, authenticate the actuality of those claiming life insurance. Besides, the detectives use different approaches to get information on an insurance fraud investigation case. Some of the commonly used strategies include medical reports, insurance coverage analyses, witness interviews as well as pretender background check.